A quick trip to America.

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I must admit that I’ve really had an interesting few days.

On Thursday morning Dean Letfus called me and said that he was due to leave that night for a unique and very limited property meeting in America.

He was panicking a little because he was due to fly out in 5 hour and his Visa hadn’t arrived yet.

So forever the “Solutions” guy he volunteered me!

So 5 hours after getting the call up I was on a flight bound for Los Angeles and heading for the one day event in Phoenix Arizona.

The event had been headed by the publisher of Americas largest and most widely read property investment magazine and was being held at an amazing and beautiful resort that backed onto the mountains on the Scottsdale/Phoenix boarder.

The original mansion was built in 1929 as the winter home of Delos Willard Cooke, a New York industrialist and financier, and his wife, Florence.

Check it out here…

The event was a real meeting of minds, which featured 40 of Americas most interesting and influential property managers, and investment stock providers as well as a few people who supply some cutting edge software to the property industry.

After spending a day with these people the first thing that strikes me is how far ahead these industry service suppliers are from the service’s provided by similar people in New Zealand.

I say this taking into consideration the scale that America works with, and really still feel that most sizable setups in North America seem way ahead of us Kiwi’s in both service and product.

The Kiwi number 8 wire mentality seems to be letting us down if we can’t step up or game compared to these people.

One of the funnier moments at this event was the night before when I past a familiar face in the hall of the venue only to realize latter that it had been Kiwi property Icon Dolf De Roos who had stopped in to meet some people.

Unfortunately he wasn’t actually there to attending the event or I might have been able to wrangle him into doing a webinar for my New Zealand Clients.

At this event I was able to catch up with Craig Jennings from Memphis Property Investment who was a speaker at the New Zealand Property Gurus event  on Auckland’s North shore recently.

Craig was very impressed with the number of Kiwi’s that he was working with who had met him at the NZ event and was looking forward to coming back to New Zealand at any time to work closer with kiwi investors.

My head is still buzzing from all the information I’ve learnt and interesting contacts I’ve made in the last 24 hours.

As I type this in the plane on route back to Los Angeles I can see some really exciting new products and ideas that I can’t wait to share with the New Zealand investing public.

One thing that I will share now is that not all of America is in recession mode and so not all of their real estate is “On Sale” so to speak.

The Phoenix metropolitan area is home about 4 million people or roughly the same population as New Zealand.

But in New Zealand on a good year we have a net inflow of 10,000 people, were as Phoenix has a regular net inflow of 10,000 people “Per Month”!

This doesn’t mean that this area would be a great place to invest for cash flow but it make’s it an interesting place to look for equity gains.

More to come shortly from my flying visit to America.


  1. ShortBus

    This tells me that either the NZD is way too strong and the NZ housing prices need to correct very soon.


    The property market has bottomed in the US as foreigners will start to flood into the US to ensure adequate demand to keep prices up.


    New Zealand property investors are nuts and getting really desperate to make a quick buck as their home market has dried up.


    I will be going with a combination of all three.

    Posted 10-2-2010

  2. Steve

    I’d say some of these are probably very true.

    I think our dollar only “looks” high because the aussie dollar, US dollar and euro are all so weak.

    I think the US market is down but maybe not bottomed out yet, it’s such a massive market that it could still be moving in 3 ways at once.

    The kiwi quick buck idea is hard to defend, kiwis have always been more into property than the average American investor
    see http://stevengoodey.com/so-why-arent-the-yanks-buying-these-deals/.

    But we have also always been partial to the odd great deal and these are certainly in abundance.

    I suppose only time will tell but for my money I feel that the US at the moment is “On Sale”.

    Posted 10-2-2010

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