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I just saw Rineke from is running a quick webinar next Thursday.


When you look through the Facebook fan page for Property Corp you will see that attendees of Property Corps events just love “Em” to bits, so I figured I would attend next Thursday myself and see what all the fuss is about.

This is the blerb form the webinar advertising.

The current economic situation and strict banking criteria has resulted in some people being better qualified to have a mortgage than those who actually got one in 2006/2007. Good people with more savings and better credit records are currently being turned down by banks. In fact some of us would right now, not qualify for the very mortgage we already have.

Home ownership is a big dream. If the industry is not satisfying this need at the moment that opens up huge opportunities for those who can provide this service with alternative strategies.

There are people out there desperate for somebody to show them a way in which they can get their first step into home ownership. There are also sellers who can’t sell their houses because there are not enough qualified buyers.

Wouldn’t you as a property investor like to know how two ladies from Wellington have been improving peoples financial lives and fixing this problem for the last few years?

This webinar uncovers one of the biggest secrets in property, that it’s “Not All About the Numbers”, sometimes it’s about the people too.


If your interested in joining the webinar too click the link here.


Thanks  Steve Goodey

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