Blameless Sheep or Lambs to the Slaughter?

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I’ve watched with some interest as a lot of people have, as the Eric Watson, Mark Hotchin Hanover demise has played out in the media.

I must admit that as an amateur media watcher I have been impressed with the speed and  efficiency of the media’s ability to make Mark Hotchin’s lifestyle the story.

We have all I’m sure gotten used to the fact that people can be “Dirty” rich, or “Filthy Rich.

This usually means that we are going to demonize the wealthy or that as a nation we have a tall poppy issue, this isn’t what I want to comment on as I’m sure the right or wrong of the case will be drawn out in a courtroom somewhere.

What does interest me is the reaction from the media when Mr Hotchin’s wife Amanda Hotchin claimed to be mis-quoted by the press.

The Sunday Star Times Quoted Mrs Hotchin as saying “We don’t have to justify where we get our money from or what it is spent on to anyone. I don’t care what anyone says.”

Well fair enough she either said this or she didn’t and it’s very hard to prove either way, although Mrs Hotchin is attempting to correct the supposed inaccuracy by producing 4 affidavits from people who had over heard the conversation.

Well that is I suppose fair enough I wouldn’t either like to be quoted as saying that If I was in her position, nor would I like to be misquoted as saying this if I had or had not said it.

So now media personality Brian Edwards is blogging about the quote HERE.

Mr Edwards is being issued with warnings of defamation proceedings not from Mrs Hotchin but from the Sunday Star Times!

The SST State that…

“Your blog and the comments that follow defame our client, the Editor of the Sunday Star Times and Mr Marshall. Our client will not tolerate these false and defamatory publications. Our client expects you to immediately remove the defamatory material from your website (along with any cached material) and to ensure that no further defamatory postings are published.”

Mr Edwards blog goes on to say….

OK well fair enough but hold on a minute do you see the problem?

  • The herald website are commenting on a quote that is claimed to be incorrect.
  • The Sunday Star times is supporting it’s reporter and is prepared to go to litigation saying it was not an inaccurate quote.
  • Brian Edwards is standing by his editorial comments in regards to the quote.

But what are they missing?

The Herald website said the quote was:  “We don’t have to justify where we get our money from or what it is spent on to anyone. I don’t care what anyone says.”

The Brian Edwards website and The Sunday Star Times Quote was: “We don’t have to justify where we get our money from or what it is spend on to anyone. I don’t care what anyone says.”

I know it’s a small point but don’t you think that if you were going to pin your reputation and possible litigation on the fact that you had not stuffed up the quote that you would make sure that you had not “Stuffed up the quote?”

But don’t cry for the Hotchin’s it’s not like we as a nation are going to string them up without a trial, we are a fair honest first world country where everyone is guilty until proven innocent right?

Hell Pizza advertisement parked in front of Mark Hotchin’s Half Built New Home.


  1. Mark S

    The Hotchins are heartless scum.

    Posted 2-12-2011

  2. Steven

    Thanks for the comment Mark.

    I think the media has a part to play in bringing anyone who has done wrong to justice but I don’t think they need to be Judge, Jury and executioner.

    That’s for the SFO and courts, lets hope they can do their job properly.

    Posted 2-12-2011

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