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Accelerated Property Profits Webinar

Posted on 06/02/11 in General, No Comments

I just saw Rineke from is running a quick webinar next Thursday.   When you look through the Facebook fan page for Property Corp you will see that attendees of Property Corps events just love “Em” to bits, so I figured I would attend next Thursday myself and see what all the fuss is […]

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Oh the deal’s we have done….

Posted on 05/15/11 in General, No Comments

Oh the Deals, the deals, the deals we have done…..   Come on work with me, surely theres a song in there somewhere?   No?     Sorry for that, I’m feeling very rosy at the moment. So many of my friends and clients are banking such nice little profits from cheap property deals in […]

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Shock Statements this Tuesday

Posted on 05/08/11 in General, No Comments

  Hi Chaps.   You might know by now that I’m doing a webinar this coming Tuesday with Sean Wood. I spoke to him today and he made a statement about getting finance that was just totally unbelievable. I’m going to discuss these claims on the Property tutors, Venture Property and Steven Goodey fan pages […]

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The Rules of doing business.

Posted on 03/24/11 in General, No Comments

I was speaking at an event in Auckland a few nights ago for Mark Trafford and his excellent team at Maintain to Profit. Among the great people that I met was a young guy with an amazing new product that I think will greatly help all property investors nationwide. His simple and easy to use, […]

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It doesn’t matter if your from Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch

Posted on 03/20/11 in General, No Comments

“Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?” Brian Tracy This is just one of the reasons John has been so successful in Property. He always helps others: Be it people struggling to sell there house People having trouble buying there first home […]

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Who is John Lee?

Posted on 03/15/11 in Events, General, No Comments

Hi, After months of negotiation, I finally cliched the deal of the decade! Property millionaires, best selling authors and international speakers John Lee and Vincent Wong have agreed to fly to Auckland from the UK to teach you how to create wealth through property. Their best-selling Step By Step Guide to Lease Options has helped […]

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Blameless Sheep or Lambs to the Slaughter?

Posted on 02/11/11 in General, 2 Comments

I’ve watched with some interest as a lot of people have, as the Eric Watson, Mark Hotchin Hanover demise has played out in the media. I must admit that as an amateur media watcher I have been impressed with the speed and  efficiency of the media’s ability to make Mark Hotchin’s lifestyle the story. We […]

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Just keep on keeping on.

Posted on 02/08/11 in General, No Comments

Some days you really do have to have a few of those “What the?” moments. In this mornings paper I read an article that says… Signs house prices are steadying Then the very next article say’s… New house demand set to rise And you guessed it the next one say’s… Prices ‘set to fall further’ […]

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This is the best “Bad” news we’ve had in ages.

Posted on 02/01/11 in General, No Comments

I saw this article on today and I really did think that we have hit a new low. Now I’m really at best an amateur at market commentary but I’ll give it a whirl. OK well I’m speechless…….and yet still strangely have plenty to say. How can a seller (someone who owns a property) […]

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Lets have a New Years Revolution! (Because nobody keeps their resolutions).

Posted on 01/14/11 in General, No Comments

Did you get round to doing a New Years Resolution? Have you given up on it yet? Yeah I know it can be really tough to put your plans, goals, and aspirations into play when you just don’t have the support. “This is why we need better help to make a change in our lives, […]

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