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Market Warning

Posted on 10/11/10 in General, 3 Comments

Tough financial times bring out the worst in some people and over the last few days I’ve been contacted by two people who have been ripped off by the same scam. It goes like this. You find a really great deal at way under valuation and all the vendor wants is a healthy deposit, so […]

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Do you want to make some bucks?

Posted on 10/10/10 in General, No Comments

Hi Guys, I’ve got a bit of a gift for you as a loyal reader of my blogs. I’m obviously very keen to make my “Property Pulse – Super conference” featuring Dr Dolf de Roos in early November a huge success. So I’d obviously like you to attend the event and join us for the […]

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Stop Press – Major Announcement!

Posted on 10/07/10 in General, No Comments

After working on this for about 6 months I’ve been able to score a major coup. I’ve got a keynote speaker that to a degree started my investing career after I read his New York Times best selling book “Real Estate Rich’s”. I’m of course talking about Dr Dolf de Roos, who has become a […]

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Only 700 Seats left…

Posted on 10/04/10 in General, No Comments

Yesterday I released a 5 part webinar series featuring the very best property investment minds from home and abroad. It’s been only 20 hours and so far we’ve had 300 people book which means that if you want to secure a spot you better jump on it quick smart. Here’s the link…. Just click […]

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I hate to be mysterious but I just can’t tell you…

Posted on 10/03/10 in General, No Comments

I’ve been working on putting something together for the last 6 months and I think I’ve finally got it nailed. I feel like a secret agent but right at the moment I can’t even tell you what it is… This sort of reminds me of the scene in “Ocean’s 11/12 maybe 13?” “It’s not in […]

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Why is there such a value disconnect?

Posted on 09/29/10 in General, 1 Comment

A subject I’ve been pondering over the last few weeks is why we seem to have such a long way to go with the drop in New Zealand Real Estate values? I don’t mean to pull out the scare tactics but the rest of the world seems to have taken a much bigger bath in […]

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So why aren’t the Yanks buying these deals?

Posted on 09/23/10 in General, 2 Comments

If you have read the last few blogs you will know that I’ve just got back from a few days in America where I was attending a property conference and generally looking at the American property market with an eye to making some moves in the US. In the time it takes to commute to […]

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A quick trip to America.

Posted on 09/18/10 in General, 2 Comments

I must admit that I’ve really had an interesting few days. On Thursday morning Dean Letfus called me and said that he was due to leave that night for a unique and very limited property meeting in America. He was panicking a little because he was due to fly out in 5 hour and his […]

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Dear tenant, you are grubby and smell of smoke.

Posted on 09/14/10 in General, 2 Comments

Dear tenant, you are grubby and smell of smoke Peter’s profile on his company’s website declares that Peter, an assistant rental manager, enjoys cricket and coin collecting. And once swam with sharks. I am not a great fan of property inspections but they are preferrable to property inspections without warning. Especially if you are not […]

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Christchurch – Part 2

Posted on 09/09/10 in General, 1 Comment

After a day in and round Christchurch I must say that the media are “Not” over stating the level of damage. Much the opposite I think we all assumed that Christchurch got away really lightly, were as in fact from what I saw today the damage from the main quake and the 355 aftershocks in […]

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