Christchurch – Part 2

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After a day in and round Christchurch I must say that the media are “Not” over stating the level of damage.

Much the opposite I think we all assumed that Christchurch got away really lightly, were as in fact from what I saw today the damage from the main quake and the 355 aftershocks in the last 4 days has been huge.

This sort of damage is common from heavy double brick buildings losing their fronts.

Many buildings have been condemned are are awaiting the demo crews.

This building is on a major intersection on Bealy ave, and has major damage.

Some of the most beautiful buildings in the South Island are waiting for attention.

Chimney damage seemed to be the thing that most properties were hit with, if your roof was iron you got away mostly unscathed but if in this case your roof was tiled the heavy chimney went straight through.

This photo’s not too flash but the chimney on this property has a very obvious kink in it and will need to come down.

Some sites in the inner city have been cleared already.

This property was totally destroyed.

Note the Mensa reject over the police line leaning into the broken window to take photos!

Even buildings that looked like they had stood up well were damaged (this building is straight the photographer was not too flash)

The foundations round the grey early were riddled with cracks and so this large building will have to come down.

Note the lack of building under the spire.

Sorry about the quality of photos they were from my iphone.

I must say Christchurch was in a bad way today but the people are positive even chirpy and any after shocks today were followed with “That was nothing!”

It’ll take more than this to take a great city and it’s people down.

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  1. Emily Smith

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the blog, I agree and I am glad you have made the point that the rest of the country thinks we got away lightly and in a lot of ways we did in terms of no lives lost and not too many injuries.

    However the heritage buildings make up such a big part of what our city is about and a lot will be lost and a lot of churches are badly damaged.

    While we are all trying to be upbeat – a lot of us are very stressed and tired from lack of sleep! But it is so nice to see people working together and helping where they can and today is the first day where things seem a little more normal.

    Just hope these aftershocks stop!!!


    Posted 9-10-2010

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