Crime and Punishment

Posted on 08/17/10 in General, 1 Comment

Reading today’s paper I really did have to wonder what sort of country we live in.

Firstly this article, about a young lady who ran from the police in her car while she was drunk and killed a 51 year old in another car.

Then this article about a couple of blokes in Hastings who were caught with 14 Sheep stuffed into their Mazda 626.

Now this would seem like a punch line to the sort of joke that I’d just love to tell if not for the real punch line which is this.

Which one of these court case’s do you think ended up with 10 months of prison time and which one do you think got home detention?

I’ll let you figure it out by reading the articles, but in case your guessing the general rule of the sentencing seems to be that killing someone while evading police isn’t all that bad compared to cattle rustling.

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  1. Philip Deijs

    This shows our justice system is really a joke

    Posted 8-17-2010

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