Oh the deal’s we have done….

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Oh the Deals, the deals, the deals we have done…..


Come on work with me, surely theres a song in there somewhere?





Sorry for that, I’m feeling very rosy at the moment.

So many of my friends and clients are banking such nice little profits from cheap property deals in and around Wellington and the Hutt valley.

So I thought surely it must be time to tell some tales, so I’ve got a webinar happening at 7.30pm tomorrow night to show some before and after photos and to throw some of the numbers at you.


I’m going to interview 3 people who have completed really nice property deals in the last couple of weeks and show you the photos.

They will explain through the good bad and ugly so you can see how great the current property market is.


Register by going to this link www.propertyevent.co.nz

Or I’ll put a recording of the webinar up here later on.


All the Best


Steve Goodey

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