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Some times my Mate Dean Letfus can come up with some real beauties and today’s blog is one of them.

Just don’t tell him I stole it, because I’ll never hear the end of it.


One of the hardest things I have found to cultivate in my own life is a teachable spirit.  Most of us are fiercely independent and this creates, not an arrogance exactly, but an inability to hear things being spoken to us that might require change.

I have recognised this trait in myself for many years and have to constantly remind myself that being unteachable is a death knell to my own personal growth and development.

I find with many of my clients this same attitude prevents them taking on board things they need to know.

I remember a former student who was in a bind and he needed to sell a property.  I told him to do it, repeatedly, to no avail.  Last I heard he was in real trouble and I am sure he blamed me for not helping him make more money faster.

But the same spirit that made him ignore my advice to sell also prevented him from doing what I was telling him to do to succeed.

This week I was talking to a current mentoring student of mine who I have worked with for nearly 3 years now.

He is a dream to train because he just does what I recommend without fighting me.  And as a result he does very well.  He had some major negative events really knock the wind out of his sails a few years ago so he learned that life required ongoing education.

In some ways it is almost funny talking to him because he has enormous experience in certain areas of property, way more than me, but he always discusses things with me to ensure he can stay safe.

As a result he has in the last few months successfully traded property, sourced, negotiated and managed a development project and done multiple investor packaged lease options.

The latter being something he knew zip about but after a few training sessions he is executing like a pro.

So what about you my friends?  Are you teachable or independent.  Are you able to receive help, correction and love or do you keep your island to yourself?


I hope you have a great weekend whatever your doing and I’m really looking forward to seeing alot of you at my event here.

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