I hate to be mysterious but I just can’t tell you…

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I’ve been working on putting something together for the last 6 months and I think I’ve finally got it nailed.

I feel like a secret agent but right at the moment I can’t even tell you what it is…

This sort of reminds me of the scene in “Ocean’s 11/12 maybe 13?”

“It’s not in my nature to be secretive, but I can’t tell you and I can’t tell you why.”

All will be revealed in the next few days depending on how the final negotiations go, but because you are a loyal reader of my blog I will make sure you get to know the news first.

This blog has grow over the last few months because you are reading it and I really do appreciate that so I’m going to launch my big news here first.

But while you are on the edge of your seats let me invite you to a webinar series that I’m going to be running over the next 5 weeks.

This series will be run every Wednesday night for the next 5 weeks starting this Wednesday the 6th of October and you are welcome to register totally free using this link .

The series will be presented by 5 of the best property investors I know and will show you how they’re making money right now and how they intend to make money in 2011.

Trust me when I say that you will be truly surprised to learn the identity of the investors I have lined from all round the world.

So don’t miss out you only have to register once and you will be linked in and reminder before each of the webinars in the series, so click here now and register now as seats are limited to 1000.

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