Is it any wonder….

Posted on 08/19/10 in General, No Comments

Is it really any wonder the property market has continued to take a a nasty dive?

Check out the stuff the media is sending out at the moment.

Auckland trumps Queenstown for least affordable property


Falling prices paralyse investment in property


Property investment takes big hit in new survey

And it goes on and on, which really does beg the question is the market bad and they are commenting on it or is the market bad “Because” they are commenting on it.

You have to admit that they make depressing reading, but also if you do read the items the head lines could just as easily read “Now’s a Great time to Buy, Because everything’s cheap”.

My advise would have to be to take it easy and only buy really, really good deals but then there are a few of these great deals floating round at the moment.


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