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Hi Folks,

I’ve had some major changes come about over the last few weeks, for one I resigned from my previous post as CEO of

Sadly this ends about 6 years of involvement with a group of companies and people that I Respected and did learn a huge amount from.

My first involvement with “Richmastery” was to take up a job working with Campbell Venning the then franchisee of Richmastery’s Wellington regional office.

I took the job because after speaking with Campbell for an hour I understood how much I could learn from working with him.

Eventually after many reincarnations of the business plan and changes of title and work description that only an industry that thrives on change can offer I took the position of CEO of Property Teachers and really thrived on the challenges of working with remote staff in multiple locations and multiple timezones.

But now it’s most certainly time to venture out on my own and this is why I’ve designed and created this website.

I’d like to use it to speak to my clients, my fellow property investors and to be able to share news events, information and freebies with anyone who is interested in what I have to say.

But firstly I need to know what you would like?

What will make you come back to the website? What content can I add to assist your investing?

What value can I add to help you out?

I’d love to here your thoughts so please leave me a comment.

Warm Regards

Steve Goodey

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  1. Rob Turnbull

    Hi Steve,

    I often get the e-mails with updates and live webinars and find them all interesting. I used to be a commercial real estate agent in Auckland and left in 2001 to go to Dublin. Well i made my fortune there and for the next 8 years invested in 4 large blocks of flats in Auckland. Upon coming home in Jan 09 i went to work on my properties upgrading and generally doing them up. Then once all the work was dome i got bored and have gone back to work as an agent who specialises in only blocks of flats. My suggestion is to make investors aware of the goldmine that flats offer. But more importantly that being driven by pure yield will often see an opoortunity go by. Flats owners use them to ‘park’ money, and enjoy the subsequent years of steady growth and reliable returns. I’d be interested in your feedback on this. In the meantime take a look at
    Rob Turnbull

    Posted 7-13-2010

  2. Steve

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for sharing your story and your website rob, very interesting and I agree blocks of flat can be a great investment for both cashflow and gains.



    Posted 7-14-2010

  3. brendan hall

    Hey Steve thanks for the Blog…

    Here is the stuff that I would like to read..

    1. Real deals. How you did them and what the numbers were.
    2. Stories of people and how they have succeeded at investing.
    3. Commentary on the current market and how the changes effect people right now.

    Hope that helps.


    Posted 10-4-2010

  4. Steven

    Thanks for that, I appreciate the feedback.

    Let me see what I can do for you over the next few weeks.

    Posted 10-4-2010

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