Just for laughs.

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I had to share this with you and I hope it makes you laugh the same way it did with me.

Check out this photo I took in Petone earlier this week.

Petone Flag

It might be hard to tell from this photo because it was a really nasty day when I took it, but on each flag pole in Jackson street Petone you can see a white flag.

Each flag of the 60 or so in the street is advertising that Petone has recently become a wireless hotspot.

I was thrilled with this because Petone has some really great little cafes that are great to hang out in while I’m working or meeting clients.

So I tried to set myself up with high speed wireless internet, but there didn’t seem to be a feed available so I asked the cafe owner and she didn’t know anything about it.

So I called the local council who also didn’t know anything an mentioned it might be a private enterprise and was certainly nothing to do with the council.

Eventually I had them understand that I probably was a council project due to the flags saying “This is a Hutt City Council Initiative”.

The nice lady at the council promised to get back to me with some answers.

The next day I had the funniest call……..

Council Lady: I’ve gotten down to the bottom of this wireless hotspot issue.

Me: Great what’s the story?

Council Lady: Well they got the flags done, but the budget didn’t go far enough to get the actual wireless hotspot installed.


I really did have to control myself or I might have fallen off my chair.


  1. Shane

    Classic … gotta love the council.

    Nice flags though.

    Posted 7-14-2010

  2. Phyllis

    that is just way to frigin funny! Im sending it to campbell live !!! crazy

    Posted 7-14-2010

  3. Steven

    Wow Petone has interweb!!!!

    They finally switched it on.

    Posted 5-15-2011

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