Just keep on keeping on.

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Some days you really do have to have a few of those “What the?” moments.

In this mornings paper I read an article that says…

Signs house prices are steadying

Then the very next article say’s…

New house demand set to rise

And you guessed it the next one say’s…

Prices ‘set to fall further’

Wow what am I to believe if my faithful media can’t give me the right answer?

Personally I’ve chosen to ignore most media reports at the moment just because they are just so random.

I’d rather see what I see and believe what I believe with my own eyes, and what I’m seeing in the market right now is well priced property selling very quickly and a few gems being picked up by smart and active investors.

Like a property I was negotiating this week with a Government valuation of $245,000, an asking price of $218,000 and when we spoke to the agent we were told we cold have this property for $190,000.

Not a bad discount and nice too because it has rent coming in of $290 per week that really should be at $340 per week.

So my advice this week is to keep on keeping on, call an agent, have a look through trade me or read a property magazine.

The deals are out there and they are well worth finding.



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