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I jumped into a negotiation for some clients of mine today which was a welcome break from marketing my Property Pulse event.

It does take a different mindset entirely to do both jobs and a change is as good as a holiday so it was fun diving head into an ongoing negotiation.

And one of the things I really noticed was that the people that had worked the deal before me had done such great work building a great rep with the agent involved.

This is really more important than most people think.

We are trying to get away with a funky and different approach to purchasing the property and it could go one of the following ways.

If you don’t spend enough time getting the agent on your side….

Agent: “These guys wanted me to offer you this much $$$ but I think they are just being cheeky and I think we can do better”

Or if you have made an effort to get the agent thinking your way….

Agent: “This offer is from some people I’ve been working with it’s a bit different but the people involved are committed and good people and I think you should consider it.”

You may think that the difference isn’t that much to a vendor and that the vendor will take all offers on their own merit but In my experience the feedback of the agent carries huge weight with the vendor.

I wonder what would happen if that much effort was put into the relationship for each negotiation?

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