Strippers and Business Partners – Part 1

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Yeah I know interesting subject right?

So what do these things have in comment, well it’s funny you should ask.

I spent most of yesterday sorting a major clean up of a property I own, it had gotten into quite a nasty state in a short period of time because of some young tenants.

When these tenants first moved in about a year ago they were 17 and 18 year old ladies who turned up with a truck load of furniture they had their parents helping them move in.

The parents were so proud that these lovely young ladies were going to university in Wellington and had a lovely central city house to share.

Roll forward 12 months.

Oh the interesting things that can happen in just a year, two weeks ago I had these tenants evicted.

They had mostly all dropped out of university and now supported themselves by “Dancing” at a “Club”.

Also they had decided that it was appropriate that they should arrive home at 4am on weekdays and get a party started at home and trash my house.

If that wasn’t bad enough they had installed a strobe lights a disco ball and a “Pole!” in my property so that they could (ahem) work from home.

And they were totally amazed when they got evicted!

In recent months I’ve been in business with people who have also been shall we say evicted from my companies.

This seems to also happen in a very similar fashion.

Everyone goes into the relationship with the very best of intentions, then someone breaks their word.

My tenants implied and were expected to treat the property and neighbors with some respect, but they felt they could alter this relationship without notice.

You could expect that to a degree with 18 year old kids in their first property without mum and dad.

But experienced business people shouldn’t get away with changing the rules as they see fit.

Both the tenants and the business partner were no doubt quite shocked to discover the consequences of their actions are being suitably dealt with.

There's going to be a fight.

What amazes me is that people can either trash my house or rip me off and not expect there to be ramifications to this!

I really do think that it takes a particularly craven individual to imagine they can treat others anyway they see fit and then turn the situation round and blame the other person.

This situation will no doubt play out in a court room somewhere and the only winners will be the lawyers, which is sad.

But when the person involved has proven to be a serial liberty taker (the most polite way I can think of putting it), I feel that it’s often our duty to make an example of them by making their actions public.

(Hence the Part 1)

But for now just let me say this, If you need to tell people you have integrity it’s probably because they haven’t seen it practiced in your actions.

Integrity = Nil


  1. Steven

    The house in question is now available to be re let.

    Sorry no pole included….

    Posted 11-21-2010

  2. Philsux

    I wonder if Steve’s post has anything to do with this dodgy character?

    Posted 11-23-2010

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