Mortgage Broker

Kris Pedersen has packed a lifetime of experience into his career in finance already. 

His initial foray into finance was with Eric Watson’s Hanover Group, then he moved to another Eric entity, Pacific retail Finance.  Here he researched and project managed international financing initiatives that were light years of the New Zealand market at the time.

These skills have become the core of Kris’s ability to find solutions no one else can. If there is a new lender, product or service available, Kris finds it and makes it available to his clients. Kris led the PRF lending team to a point where they were writing over $35million a month in lending, mostly in the unsecured lending arena.

In 2005 Kris was looking for a path to marry his unique financial skills with his passion for property investment so he looked for the market leaders in innovative non-bank lending and joined General Finance. His success there was so incredible that he was nominated for the 2005 NZCFI Young Professional of the Year Award.

By 2007 it was clear to Kris that many investors couldn’t get the professional financial assistance they needed so he heeded the call to go headlong into working with investors and traders, helping them get what they needed, MONEY!!

So Property Financial Solutions was born and Kris has brought his unique abilities and  “we’ll find you the money” attitude to the Massive Action stable to make sure you are able to take, well,  Massive Action. You can relax knowing that with Kris you are dealing not just with an active successful investor, but one of NZ’s top financial solutions specialists.

Kris Pedersen
Phone:   021300192
Postal:   P.O. Box 51745
Pakuranga Manukau 2140

Formal education and background:
Kris delayed completing his bachelor in economics and finance from Massey as he was getting a better ‘education’ from actually doing it!!

Accounting for non-accountants (Auckland University Graduate School of Enterprise)
• Building a Business Case (New Zealand Institute of Management)
• Fundamentals of Project Management (New Zealand Institute of Management
• Personal Efficiency Program (PEP Worldwide) – Based on Stephen Covey’s work
• Employment Law Short Course (Employers & Manufacturers Association)
• Property Academy graduate.
• Personal mentoring
• Global Business Ideas SLO course, ( now active lease options exponent)