Terms & Conditions

Guarantees, Cancellations and Refunds

All Customer purchases and cancellations operate under the protection and guidelines outlined in the Consumer Guarantees Act and Fair Trading Act.

Stevengoodey.com (Stooge Consulting Limited) provides customers with the following guarantee policy guidelines.

1. Workshops: 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are a fully paid attendee of any event run by stevengoodey.com or Stooge Consulting Ltd, and the event does not include all content promised please make a representative of stevengoodey.com or Stooge Consulting Ltd aware of your dissatisfaction before the end of the event and we will make all attempts to rectify the issue and offer you a full refund.

2. Cancellations

Cancellation of orders and workshops are in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act.
Please contact stevengoodey.com or Stooge Consulting Ltd if you need to cancel any purchase from us.

3. Products Purchased

All product purchased from this website have a 3 day cool off period, if you are unhappy with any purchase please contact us and we will try to rectify your issue or issue you with a full refund.  Please note all product materials, manuals, workbooks, DVD’s or other physical items must be returned in “AS New” condition.

Payment Methods Accepted

We can accept cash, cheques, money orders and Visa/MasterCard and Paypal.

Prices are listed in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and include GST.

Due to exchange rate fluctuations, the price advertised may not be the same price charged to a credit card used to purchase goods or services. This means that because we are based in New Zealand we have to convert all purchases to New Zealand dollars at the exchange rate on the day it is processed. We have no control over additional fees that may be charged to your credit card for this service and do not accept liability for these charges.

Credit Card Security

All your credit card details are protected through Direct Payment Solutions (DPS). All sensitive information is encrypted with the 3DES protocol, with Atalla Network Security Processors.
Governing Law

The laws of New Zealand govern the above mentioned Terms and Conditions.