The Future of the Property Industry

Posted on 06/23/10 in Property Training, 2 Comments

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  1. Clarry Inwood

    Hi Steve,

    Many thanks for those great webinars. They have certainly rekindled my enthusiasm for further property investing.
    The numbers that were given by Dean and Dolf seem too good to be true.
    Investing offshore is very new to me and therefore I am being very hesitant and cautious. It would appear that much better returns are available in parts of the US at present .
    Would you recommend this in preference to the NZ market ?
    My strategy in the past has always been to buy, renovate and hold as this is where my strengths are.
    Unfortunately I cannot make the Auckland Seminar next weekend.
    How about something in Wellywood Sometime? Cheers.

    Posted 10-30-2010

  2. Steven

    Hi Clarry,

    And thanks I’m glad we ere in some way able to get you excited again about property investing after a few hard years.
    I’m sorry we can’t make the current event into a nationwide road show but we just have too may logistical issues with an event this size.



    Posted 10-30-2010

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