The Rules of doing business.

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I was speaking at an event in Auckland a few nights ago for Mark Trafford and his excellent team at Maintain to Profit.

Among the great people that I met was a young guy with an amazing new product that I think will greatly help all property investors nationwide.

His simple and easy to use, and explain product allows residential landlords to take rent payments either as a one off or on a set regular basis from their clients credit cards.

I thought about this for a while and figured that given the fact that tenants are our clients in the property business that we are in, surely the best thing we can do to create profitability is to make it easy for our clients to pay us.

That must be on anyone’s list of the all time 5 best rules of business, “Make it Easy”

With Rent on Time you or your property manager can take a tenants details over the phone and charge their credit card for the rent either weekly or as a one off.

The part that I like being a bit scottish is that the tenant pays the fees.

Check them out, it’s a great product and anything this simple that makes your life better has to be a good thing.

Warm Regards

Steve Goodey

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