The twisted and strange world of RBR

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You know how sometimes you have those moments in life were you realize that if “that had happened in someone Else’s life they would find it highly unusual”.

Yup?  well I had one of those this weekend.

A property manager I was speaking to had a really unusual situation in one of her RBR (Rent By Room) properties.

There was a tenant that had moved in and taken two rooms one for herself and one for all her “Stuff!”

She then asked for another room for her brother, signed him up and he moved in and payments were made, then another room for his “Stuff”.

At this point you probably think you know were this story is going, well sorry to disappoint but….

A few weeks later the police call the property manager regarding the tenant.

As it turns out she now controls, under different peoples names 7 of the 12 rooms in this property any many other rooms in other properties.

The facts from the police look like this:

  • She does not live in the property where we think she does
  • She lives off the pension of an elderly man that she “Cares” for
  • She does not have a brother
  • Nobody lives in any of the rooms she rents
  • She is under observation by the police for being a confidence trickster
  • and seems to need to be under observation by a mental health professional

The hard part for the rental manager is that all the rents are being paid on time so what do you do?


There’s no doubt the tenant should be evicted or at least called up on the weird/illegal?/creepy behavior but who should do it?

The police has said they are watching the person very closely but have yet to make any sort of case.

Just another property story for the strange things that happen in real estate book.


  1. Corinna

    She can rent my place …. rent on time sounds wonderful.

    Posted 11-22-2010

  2. Shayne

    So…. she has rented all of the rooms under her name – none under her ‘brothers’ name ?
    If they are all under her name, and one cannot prove that something illegal is happening then the tribunal is going to say “so what?”

    However I do agree that ‘creepy behavior’ should be enough to say – get out … now!

    Of course the most interesting bit is how is she affording these rooms – what is the pension $265 a week or something………

    Posted 11-23-2010

  3. Steven

    Yes but it’s not her pension she’s using it’s the guy she is supported to be the carer for.
    Who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.

    All Very strange

    Posted 11-23-2010

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