This is the best “Bad” news we’ve had in ages.

Posted on 02/01/11 in General, No Comments

I saw this article on today and I really did think that we have hit a new low.

Now I’m really at best an amateur at market commentary but I’ll give it a whirl.

OK well I’m speechless…….and yet still strangely have plenty to say.

How can a seller (someone who owns a property) stay out of a market?

Particularly worrying is these non real estate owners choosing to “NOT” list their properties in an attempt to stay “Out” of the market?

More concerning than the attempt to turn sales statistics into a printable story, is the fact that they got the wrong story!

Isn’t the story “Listings bottom out as owners financial situations improve?”

People only list to sell if they need to sell in this market, why else would you list when prices are so far down?

Very silly reporting and my vote for the razy award for making a story from a stat that actually says the other thing…..

Am I wrong? Love to hear your thoughts.

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