What’s your Legacy?

Posted on 10/26/10 in General, No Comments

I had a rather random thought over the weekend.

I tripped over a facebook profile or page for a friend of mine who had died.

What occurred to me after thinking about this for a little while was that, the only person who can delete this profile is now gone, and so it will be there forever.

So largely our online lives will become our legacy, our Grand kids are going to see everything we do.

I hope you can stand by everything you have ever posted, tweeted updated or blogged ever, because it’s going to be available for your future generations to scroll through till the end of time.

It’s a sobbering thought and makes me want to have a physical legacy that’s bigger than just my online presence.

This blog has tripled it’s readership every month for the last 5 months since I started it and I really do enjoy the comments, feedback post’s and grief I get from having a soap box to stand on and to have my say but there has to be more.

And when I say “More” I don’t necessarily mean that in a monetary sense, but lets face it getting your finances sorted and having a good passive income to live on can make everything else you want to achieve much easier.

Imagine if you could sit under a tree in the sun and figure out what it is that you want to be known for ……

What is your legacy?

Join us and let us help you get started.

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