Why do we need to bash the competition?

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Seriously whats wrong with us?

Lately I’ve had time to ponder the interesting industry that I find myself in and it puzzles me.

Depending on what I’m doing on any given day I usually fall into the “Property Educator” or “Seminar Promoter” industries, which in the last 12 months has been sliced open wide.

With the demise of Richmastery in the Property Education market this industry has been segmented and chopped up, with 5-6 new people either coming into the market or becoming a lot more vocal in a bid to take up some market share.

This is normal enough as Richmastery took the number one place in that industry for 10 years and a huge vacuum was left when it was broken down.

What boggles me is the tactics that a lot of the people in the industry use to promote themselves, or rather to discredit each other.

I don’t say this to make me look any better or worse than my competition but rather to highlight that surely there must be a better way to market ourselves than to figure out who the competition is and start taking pot shots.

For instance I’ve had many conversations with Shaun Stenning who knows and awful lot about the Australian Seminar, Wealth creation and internet marketing industries, and he is bemused and appalled with how this country acts.

In Australia it seems there is a gentleman’s agreement that you don’t “Bag” the opposition for your own gain.

The only real exception to this rule is if you really genuinely feel that someone is fraudulent and in danger of injuring the industry in which case the serious fraud office is probably the first place to go rather than giving someone a public bashing.

Whereas right here in New Zealand we have a large number of websites, blogs and educators who seem to think that the best way to promote themselves is to drag down any and everyone else.

And I don’t say this because (or at least only because) of the fact that I’ve had my own good share of abuse or defamatory and bad press.

I say it because it amazes me that people spend so much time on it, with the “He said that and so I’m going to bash him on my blog tonight” or just the random hours of collecting links and thinking up ways to make the public think that someone is unsavory.

My primary reason is that it just does nobody any favors, I suppose I think of it this way…

Up until very recently accounts were not allowed to advertise at all, advertising in any form was considered to be an act that would drag the industry in disrepute and so even the idea of having a fancy business card was moderated and very much frowned upon.

Eventually as more and more sole practitioners became larger companies they found that they needed to advertise to let the market know what sort of clients they were looking for so that you knew what you were getting with a company.

Contrast that with sending out a newsletter pointing out exactly were you think three or four of your largest competitors are going wrong and highlighting how your company is much better.

It makes you wonder what the professional standards board of the accountants institute would think of some of these practice’s.

The other reason I see the practice as fruitless is that it just serves no real purpose, if I say that your product is rubbish and you say that my product is rubbish all the client hears is the noise and not the message.

The message simply gets lost in the back stabbing, surely the only thing that really matters is that your clients get good value from your products and so does mine.

I really do try not to take the bait with these things because I figure the only real measurement that matters is if I do a good job, fulfill my promise’s and have clients that are happy with the products and advise they get from me.

This line of discussion wouldn’t hold much water without an example but in giving one I risk looking like the same type of person that I’m rallying against so I apologize if it comes off that way.

Having said that a prime example would be the blog www.thepaepae.com, this is a blog site written by Real Estate publisher Peter Ayrani.

The site seems to be the odd post about publishing or the internet used to glue together a tyrade of abuse aimed at Dean Letfus or anyone remotely related to Dean.

I struggle to adequately explain my point of view often because I’m really somewhere between average and rubbish at  writing these blog post’s and so it just annoys me even more that Mr Ayrani makes it all seem so effortless and really does have great skills in use of the written word.

Peter really does write very well and manages to find no end of ways to bash, smite, smear, and do no less than bludgeon Dean Letfus with every second or third of up to 2 post’s per day.

You have to wonder what sort constructive endeavors could be achieved if this ability and effort were pointed toward a more productive outcome.

This is simply an example and not typical of everyone in the entire industry but it does highlight my point, which is that when you throw mud everyone ends up covered in mud and the client is never any better off.

I’d really like to hear your opinion.


  1. Don Smith

    I’ve always admired the fact that people like Dean and others don’t lower themselves to responding to this sad behaviour.

    One small point though, it would be more correct to call Peter Aranyi a hate publisher not a real estate publisher. He has written only a few books but now has scores, maybe hundreds of inaccurate hate filled posts about his competitors.

    Posted 8-30-2010

  2. Matt

    I agree with Don, no matter what “bashing” Peter has given him he hasn’t stooped to his low level of public slander. But this is what happens when you become more successful in one way or another then someone else. In Australia it’s called the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” and that’s exactly what is happening with what Peter is saying/posting about Dean on his “journalistic” blog.

    Posted 8-30-2010

  3. Paul

    The guy is obviously a toss pot and his rantings probably appeal to the same class of people who love reality TV shows, unfortunately there are too many of them.

    Posted 8-31-2010

  4. Steve


    I wish I could agree but the guys got some serious talent.
    I just wonder why he keeps bagging the person all the time it must cost him so much in credibility.


    Posted 8-31-2010

  5. Matt

    His writing style when not bagging someone is as you said Steve quite good. But he continues to discredit himself by “exposing” everyone in the industry, when really he is exactly the same as everyone else..

    Posted 8-31-2010

  6. Shayne

    Having just spent some time reading over his stuff, I am developing a headache. I really don’t know what else to say apart from “gawd lawd”.

    Posted 8-31-2010

  7. Riccardo

    Aryani clearly has some mental health issues in relation to Dean Leftus. Some people. It is just tall poppy syndrome like knocking John Key for having money and being wealthy and successful. Here’s the thing, all Dean is trying to do is to promote strategies that he perceives to be the best in this market. Sure he may have said that US tax liens/deeds were snake oil back in early 2009, but who can deny that the economy has changed. Look at the US – NZ dollar exchange rate for an example of this change. With the global financial crisis, massive unemployment overseas and a declining property market in New Zealand, it makes sense to use a variety of different different strategies to achieving and maintaining wealth. It is non-sensical to have all your eggs in one basket.

    Now by using successful asset protection structures like from http://www.gra.co.nz investors can have their wealth protected and take advantage by diversifying away from NZ property which has only medium net return levels and is facing even further tax challenges going forward. Thank you Dean and Steve for sharing the success of US tax liens and deeds with us, and giving us access to Dan Ekelman and other wonderful promoters.

    Aryranui should be praising you and not mocking you with blogs like: http://www.thepaepae.com/a-gushing-review-from-steve-goodey/10064/

    Thank you for the positive difference you have made in my life. The world is better with people like you and Dean Leftus to share the best strategies from around the universe. It takes guts to publicly say something is “snake oil complete with white shoes and wagons” and then promote it – good on you Dean.

    I better go, as I am finding it hard to put down a great new book by Janet Xuccoa of Gilligan Rowe & Associates – one of New Zealand leading accounting, trust formation and trust management practices, and winner of the Corporate Trustee Award of the Year. It is such an interesting read, and gives a compelling reason why you must use GRA as your corporate trustee.

    Posted 8-31-2010

  8. Don Smith

    I think more importantly Riccardo is the fact that Dean made it prefectly clear at the time that he opposed liens purely because Phil Jones was involved. I rung Dean and pulled out of the course on his advice, purely because he said if Pj is involved you will be paying too much somewhere.
    I also rung him when Robs article appeared to discover Rob had rung and asked him to speak off the record and Dean had said to Rob, “I’m not the one to ask, talk to Goodey.”.
    So Rob’s article was unauthorised, dishonest and misquoted.
    I thought it took real courage for Dean to not pursue legal remedy, I sure as hell lwould have.

    Not that Arianyi would care abou that, w*nker.
    When I have some time I’ll tell you about Arianyis two faced stance on plagiarism, talk about pot and kettle.

    Posted 8-31-2010

  9. Jason

    “I don’t regard myself as ‘competition’ for Steve Goodey or Dean Letfus, and we’re not in the same industry” – nice little line from Peter’s site.. Now I wonder if he isn’t in the property education industry what industry is Empower Education in? I guess it doesn’t matter really, one of the least successful seminar organizers we have in NZ so he is right he is no competition 😉

    Posted 8-31-2010

  10. Dewayne

    Peter Iranyi + Empower Education are total jokes. They just have aged boring people that are poor presenters doing the odd boring event. They need 2 move into the new millenium.

    Just ignore Iranyi Steve – he’s a total $%(#oe

    Posted 9-1-2010

  11. Don Smith

    So for the height of hypocrisy how about this.
    Arianyi tried to sue Richmastery for stealing content from his book right.

    So on Arianyis recent/last book he used content from another major NZ author. He asked if he could use it and the author said he would have get the publishers permission. 2 weeks later the book was on the shelves and no permission had been sought. So he had printed the books before even asking then publicly promoted the books without the authors permission. The Publishers couldn’t be bothered pursuing the plagiarism as they figured he wouldn’t sell enough copies to bother 🙂
    So much for Mister High and Mighty.

    Posted 9-1-2010

  12. Francisco @ networker

    I agree, as a good networker I find that bashing the competition for one’s one personal gain is a very immoral practice and only leads to bad Karma. People should practice good networker skills such as always going good to others as they want others to do to them. People should stop thinking only for their own self, they have to start thinking in terms of others, and only then with these good networker’s practice the world would be a much better place.

    Posted 1-30-2013

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