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OK so we all know we can save a lot of money by buying right…..right?

But it comes down to the little thinks too, and sometimes you really would be surprised at how much can be saved.

Over the last few days I’ve been getting a house ready for sale by doing all the normal things that you would do including a bit of plastering, some paint, fixing all the stuff that you’ve ignored and put up with for years.

So now I’m at the point of looking at a kitchen that’s a bit past it’s best and should have been replaced a few years ago.

I’m thinking I might just get it cleaned to within an inch of it’s life and replace all the door handles how much could it possibly cost?

The old handles look a lot like this…..

Except they are old marked and nasty looking.

And to add to that my other issue is it’s a big kitchen with 29 cupboards so I started to look at the cost a bit more closely.

The 3 stores I went into all had the handles and they were all the same handles made by the same manufacturer in the same factory, so I figured they were all going to be of a similar price….boy was I wrong.

First store Mitre 10 Petone handles were $16.95 each so total cost to replace all handles $491.55 (ouch)

I started to figure that if I bought right I could probably replace the whole kitchen for $500.

So off I trundle to Bunnings in Naenae, same handle $13.25, but If I buy 29 of them they will do them for $11 each making them $319, wow that’s getting better that’s a 35% discount.

So next I go to the $2 shop thinking that maybe the driving round was costing more than the proposed discount would and that maybe I should just buy them at Bunnings and get it done.

$2 Shop had them for “Would you believe it” $2! each!!

So all 29 handles would cost me $58, that’s an 88% discount on the mitre 10 price.

This just blow my mind, they are the very same handles…..


You can guess were I bought my handles (wonder if I should have asked for a discount?)

Warm Regards


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  1. Carolyn

    L0L. Typical male pays full retail. Can’t believe you didnt ask for a discount. Lol

    Posted 8-30-2010

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